Power xl air fryer

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 power_xl_air_fryer-707x1024 Power xl air fryer

Power xl air fryer is one of our most used small appliances and one of the best ways to make some of our most favorite recipes here on my family dinner ideas. It uses cyclonic air and offers so many healthier benefits of oil-free air frying vs conventional deep frying. By far the best kitchen gadget that I have purchased in a long time.

power xl air fryer bacon

We love our recipe for French fries made in the power xl because they are a healthier version and have fewer calories.

French fries

Looking for a fast way to cook onion rings, try out this recipe below for crispy, crunchy, battered onion rings. The power xl uses hot air to swirl around each piece of food to ensure all the onion rings are crunchy.

Onion rings

 2G0A0738-1-1024x663 Power xl air fryer

Chicken wings

This is such a great product and it uses true air to cook crispy chicken wings. We love our recipe for teriyaki chicken wings, they have no added sugar or added oil, just tasty crispy, wings.

Cooking hash browns in the power xl is so much faster than using a conventional oven. We love our crispy hash brown recipe for Sunday morning breakfast.

Hash browns

You can make food prep a cinch with our kebab recipe using the powerxl air fryer grill. Tender chicken and veggies cooked using the perfect temperature settings.

Authentic kebabs

You can cook an entire meal and cut your cooking time in half. Check out our whole chicken recipe and cut the cooking process time in half!

Whole chickens

 2G0A2420-683x1024 Power xl air fryer

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