Air fried green beans recipe

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Air fried green beans recipe

These easy air fryer green beans are an absolutely delicious side dish. Perfect as a side for a quick weeknight dinner and a flavorful way to serve vegetables. We love to serve these with air fried chicken quarters, they make the perfect side dish using just a handful of ingredients. Full of garlic and crispy bacon pieces, a great way to serve fresh veggies, this air fried green beans recipe is a game changer when searching for a healthy side dish.

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Ingredients you need to make air fried green beans recipe:

1 bag frozen whole green beans

1 tablespoon minced garlic

1 tablespoon garlic salt

1 tablespoon garlic powder

1/4 tsp onion powder

1 tablespoon seasoned black pepper

4 pieces of bacon, chopped in pieces

1/4 cup parmesan cheese, grated

1 tablespoon soy sauce

Olive oil spray or sesame oil


In a large bowl, add green beans and spray with olive or sesame oil, until coated. Next add minced garlic, garlic salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and pepper to a mixing bowl, and stir. Pour mixture over green beans and toss until coated, then add soy sauce and toss again.

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Then, add green beans to the air fryer basket and spread them out into a single layer. Spray once with oil, being sure not to use to much oil. Then add bacon pieces, I find that quickest way to cut up the raw bacon is with a pair of kitchen scissors. You can hold the bacon over the green beans and snip the pieces of bacon right on top, into the air fryer basket.

My Family Dinner Ideas 2G0A9676-683x1024 Air fried green beans recipe

Heat the air fryer to 350 degrees and place the basket in the air fryer. Set the cooking time to 6 minutes and we feel like this is the perfect time for tender green beans. If you prefer crispy green beans, you can up your minutes of cook time to 8 minutes. Depending on how you would prefer to serve these on your dinner table, you can place them in a bowl with a spoon or on a sheet pan and serve with tongs. Either way these air fried green beans recipe are going to be a huge hit around the dinner table.

Serving size: 4

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time 6-8 minutes


If you are making this easy recipe ahead of time for meal prep they will fill 4 meal prep containers.

If you have leftovers, you can place the rest of the green beans in an airtight container and store in the fridge for 2 days. The perfect way to reheat the green beans is in the toaster oven, the bacon gets crispy and they aren’t soggy. These are a great idea for a low carb snack as well, a great alternative to potato chips if you cook them crispy.

We love this easy air fryer recipe and we hope you will too!

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