About me – I’m Jennie!

I became aware that a creative career was on the horizon for me, so I chose to attend Harcum College, in Bryn Mawr, PA, where I earned my degree in Interior Design.  While attending design school, I worked at Walls and Windows, for 4 years as an interior designer at their prestigious main line design firm. After graduation, I was awarded ‘Young Alumni of the Year’, had a tree planted in my honor, and a plaque that bears my name underneath.

From there I moved on to St. Petersburg College, in St. Petersburg, FL, where I earned a degree in General Education. After that I attended Florida State University, and hold my BS in Sociology, with a minor in Political Science. At this point I decided I would really enjoy learning how to code and design websites so I attended Academy of Art Universityin San Francisco and received an MA in Interaction & UI/UX design. Being well-versed in design and balanced with my natural artistic abilities, My Family Dinner Ideas allows me to put all of my talents to work in my everyday life, business and career, and I’m very grateful for it all.

I also love to cook, and I have been cooking and baking since I was a child, so it’s no wonder that one of the first Apps I created for my masters thesis was a Recipe App.  Everyday I’m creating more and more wonderful content that makes the website a great mix of tried-and-true recipes and amazing food photography. At a young age I could often be found beside my mother and grandmother, modifying recipes, and showing off my skills with homemade ice cream. It was no accident that while I was at Academy of Art University, I had the amazing opportunity to take a class with one of San Fransisco’s premiere food photographers, Richard Eskite. I immediately fell in love with the art of food styling and food photography, I knew the first day of class that I wanted to somehow incorporate this into my everyday life. With the ability to cook, bake, style, photograph, and code, I decided to share my passion for everything that I had learned and experienced in life, and put it all together in one website, My Family Dinner Ideas.

On busy workdays, you’ll find me working alongside my mother, Debra Latta, cooking, baking, styling, and photographing all the wonderful recipes you’ll find on the website. 

It’s a culmination of old Family recipes, with some new twists, and techniques, and it’s always exciting and fun.  I strive to make sure all the recipes are authentic, and easy enough for a beginner, yet inviting enough for those who’ve been cooking a long time, and always delicious!  I always try to include variations so you can choose or change a few ingredients on some recipes, and make them your favorite way, with the ease of adding a different ingredient. 

Cooking, baking, and preparing food for your family and friends is always important, but should also be so enjoyable, and fun, that you look forward to getting in the kitchen, and mixing ingredients to give your family that special meal they’ll be waiting for.  I want to make sure you love these recipes, and you love being in the kitchen as much as I do, that’s why everything on the site is prepared with you in mind.  I hope you will come back every day to see what has been added and try out all the recipes to keep a variety of wonderful foods in your home.  Happy Cooking!

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Hi, I’m Debra Latta:
I’m thrilled that you’re here on the website, and are enjoying the recipes, photos, and information to help you make some easy and wonderful dishes for family and friends.  It seems that most parties, big or small end up in the Kitchen, the heartbeat, or nerve center of the home.  I know any party or get together I’ve ever had, or helped with ended up with people gathering in the kitchen.  Good conversation and wonderful food are a fabulous way to spend and evening, and sometimes into the wee hours of the morning, enjoying, and savoring every moment. 

I’ve been cooking for over 50 years, and have a lot experience with a variety of foods.  I love casual dinners al fresco, brunch, midnight snacks, and everything in-between.  Whether it’s a burger on the grill, or a 4 inch Cheesecake covered in Chocolate Ganache, I’ve probably tried my hand at it, and I come by it naturally. My Mother was a fantastic cook, and could make Pies that were to die for!  She made everything from scratch, and put such love into all her endeavors, it’s no wonder I have a love for being in the kitchen, cooking meals, and fabulous desserts that go along with them.  You’ll find many of those tried and true recipes here. 

I spent many years in the Finance industry, but in the evenings, and on weekends, you could find me baking, or cooking something wonderful, like homemade Pasta, and sauce, with mini cheesecakes to finish it off.  I always had a passion for cooking, and for writing from a young age.  So, I eventually went back to school, and hold my degree in Motion Pictures and Television, with a focus on Screen Writing from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  I have had the pleasure of writing for the Screen, and for Television, a Children’s interactive App, a children’s story book, for Blogs, content for websites, and now, finally a dream come true, I’m writing for My Family Dinner Ideas, and working in tandem with my Daughter to bring you these wonderful recipes, and ideas to share with your friends and families. 

Food is the one thing that seems to bring people together, and is needed to sustain us all.  I think the recipes you try should be delicious, and the instructions as simple as possible, and that’s what I strive to give you, to make your busy lives a little less stressful, and easier to follow and enjoy. Kitchen time should be wonderful, and fun, and whether it’s your spouse, significant other, children, or friends, everyone pitching in makes it a happy and helpful time while preparing something fabulous.  It’s a great way to form a close bond with anyone special in your life, and the lasting memories are a real treasure.  I encourage you to get in the kitchen, and make one of our recipes that you would enjoy.   I invite you to come to the website everyday and look through the recipes, and see what new content is there for you to make and share.  This truly is a passion, to share what I love with you and hope that it helps you to have a wonderful meal, and an enjoyable time with the people you love.

So, follow the website, and we’ll send you an update with new recipes, or content, and who knows, it might be the very thing you’ve needed!  We’ll also give tips and helpful hints to make the process easier and let you know when you can make something ahead that helps free up your time if you’re giving a party, or having a large family dinner. We’ll also let you know when our cook book will be available, and it will contain some favorite recipes that you’ll only find there.  Happy Cooking!

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