Since I was a young girl, I’ve always had a very strong drive to create. Whether it was playing with crayons and finger paint, decorating and redecorating (and re-redecorating…) my room, or experiments using both ovens and power tools, I’ve always found an incredible power and satisfaction in using my hands.

I became aware that a creative career was on the horizon for me, so I chose to attend Harcum College, in Bryn Mawr, PA, where I earned my degree in Interior Design.  While attending design school, I worked at Walls and Windows, for 4 years as an interior designer at their prestigious main line design firm. After graduation, I was awarded ‘Young Alumni of the Year’, had a tree planted in my honor, and a plaque that bears my name underneath.

From there I moved on to St. Petersburg College, in St. Petersburg, FL, where I earned a degree in General Education. After that I attended Florida State University, and hold my BS in Sociology, with a minor in Political Science. At this point I decided I would really enjoy getting my Masters, and my education, combined with my natural artistic abilities, allows me to put all of my talents to work in my everyday life, business and career, and I’m very grateful for it all.

While in college I began a small business from home, that grew into a full e-commerce boutique in 2008. I began designing and hand painting glassware, from wine glasses to coffee mugs, and even a custom line for C.R. Gibson. At one point I had a licensing agent and painted glassware for Bouchon Bakery and many other clients.  After 10 years of painting and design, I stepped out in faith and decided to take my career in a different direction and focus on web design and app development. It was a fun experience and I learned so much along the way, the ins and outs of developing an e-commerce website, shipping, product launch, etc.

I had the good fortune to live in several different places, and gained a wonderful perspective of life in general. I like to incorporate a blend of classic and modern styles in my designs, and I love to travel to new cities for inspiration. New Orleans is a favorite, along with Philadelphia, and Savannah. I find that traveling to new places changes my perspective, and gives me a wealth of new ideas to implement in my designs.

I also love to cook, I have been cooking and baking since I was a child, it’s no wonder that one of the first apps I have created for my personal brand is a recipe app. Fabella Food is a great mix of tried and true recipes and amazing food photography. At a young age I could often be found alongside my mother and grandmother, modifying recipes, and showing off my skills with homemade ice cream. It was no accident that while I was at AAU, I had the amazing opportunity to take a class with one of San Fransisco’s premiere food photographers, Richard Eskite. I immediately fell in love with the art of food styling and food photography, I knew the first day of class that I wanted to somehow incorporate this into my everyday life.

With the ability to cook, bake, style, photograph, and code, I decided to share my passion for everything that I had learned and experienced in life, and put it all together in one app, Fabella Food.