Tyson fun nuggets in air fryer

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 2G0A0553-683x1024 Tyson fun nuggets in air fryer

Tyson fun nuggets in air fryer

Calling all picky eaters! These Tyson fun nuggets in air fryer are a great way to add protein at dinner time. These fun little dino chicken nuggets are the best way to make meal time fun again, plus they come in fun shapes! With so many options for healthy sides, you can make a nutritious meal in no time, even makes a quick lunch and is perfect for busy weeknights. As a cute side note: the dinosaur shapes are a t-rex and a brontosaurus!

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You will need:

1 package of Tyson fun nuggets – we haven’t tried different brands in the air fryer, cooking times may vary.

Air fryer – any will do, we are using the instant pot vortex today, but we also love the power xl air fryer option as well.

Begin by opening the bag of Tyson chicken nuggets and placing them one at a time, in a single layer, in the bottom of the air fryer basket. Return the basket back to the air fryer and set on air fry, at 325 degrees, for 6 minutes.

 2G0A0504-683x1024 Tyson fun nuggets in air fryer

For best results, stopping halfway through, at 3 minutes to turn the tyson dino nuggets over, to ensure that you get crispy chicken nuggets every time. While your nuggets are cooking this is a great time to gather any sauces or side dishes you are serving on the side.

Although it might seem like there could be a healthier option instead of air fryer chicken nuggets, but these frozen dinosaur chicken nuggets are made with 100% all natural ingredients. With no fillers, 0g trans fat, and made with white meat chicken, these are one of the best chicken nuggets you can serve. Plus, there is no extra oil needed in the air fryer.

A few of the best dipping sauces to serve with chicken nuggets are ketchup, bbq sauce, and organic honey. One more favorite dipping sauce is also honey mustard, a classic sauce that works well with these air fryer dino nuggets.

 2G0A0557-699x1024 Tyson fun nuggets in air fryer

A favorite side dish we love with crispy nuggets is mixed vegetables. It offers a great veggie variety and is also colorful on your child’s plate and you can be sure you are serving a complete meal instead of just fast food.

 2G0A0577-683x1024 Tyson fun nuggets in air fryer

While french fries and curly fries are always a go to with these yummy dino buddies, sweet potato fries are a healthier option and they also are a favorite way to cook up a quick meal on busy night.

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If have left over frozen nuggets that you cooked in the air fryer, you can store them in an airtight container and reheat them the next day. Place them in the air fryer tray and just cut your cook time down to 2 minutes at 300 degrees just to heat them, it doesn’t take much time because you aren’t frying them again.

The nutritional information on these frozen dino nuggets are:

180 calories in 4 pieces

They do contain wheat so make sure you read the ingredient label and nutrition label before you serve.

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