Easter chick Oreos

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These Easter chick Oreos are a whimsical twist on the classic cookie, transformed into adorable little chicks that are almost too cute to eat. Each Oreo is meticulously decorated to resemble a fluffy yellow chick, complete with bright eyes, a sweet little beak, and tiny orange feet.

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Not only are these Easter Chick Oreos so cute, but they’re also really delicious!  The cookies dipped in White Chocolate are so good you’ll want to eat them all.  They make such a great addition to any Easter celebration.  They’d look wonderful on the snack table, the dessert table, or even on top of Place Settings to brighten up your table.  No matter how you decide to serve these, they’re sure to be a new favorite!

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1 cup of White Chocolate – melted12 Oreo Cookies

24 Candy Eyes

Yellow Food Coloring for Chocolate 

Orange Food Coloring for Chocolate 

48 Orange Jimmy’s (sprinkles – for the feet)

 2G0A6369-715x1024 Easter chick Oreos


Count out your Oreo’s and lay them on a piece of Parchment Paper. Place the Candy eyes in a small dish beside the Parchment paper.  

 2G0A6382-713x1024 Easter chick Oreos

In a Microwave safe bowl, place about 3 squares of White melting Chocolate (White chocolate almond Bark – or melting bars) in the bowl, and Microwave at 15 second intervals until the White Chocolate is melted – stirring in between microwaving. 

 2G0A6388-689x1024 Easter chick Oreos

When the Chocolate is melted, stir in a few drops of the Yellow Food Coloring for Chocolate, until you get a bright Yellow Color.  Dip the Oreo’s in the Yellow Chocolate, and using a spoon, gently turn the cookie over in the Chocolate, coating both sides.  Lift the cookie out of the Chocolate, and onto the Parchment paper, and place two eyes on the cookie – See Photo for Placement. 

 2G0A4612-737x1024 Easter chick Oreos

Allow the Chocolate to set, or harden, about an hour, or when it’s firm to the touch. Place another square of White Melting Chocolate, or if you’re using a bar of White Chocolate, about half the bar, in a bowl, and Microwave until melted, at 10 second intervals. Stir until smooth and add a drop or two of the Orange Food Coloring for White Chocolate and stir. 

 2G0A4592-1-696x1024 Easter chick Oreos

If the Chocolate is not bright enough, add a few more drops until the desired color is reached.  Place a drop of chocolate in the middle of the Cookie to make the nose/beak – see photos for placement, and shape. 

  Easter chick Oreos

After the Nose’s/beaks are done, place a drop of the Orange Chocolate on each side of the bottom of the Cookie – See Photo for placement of the feet. Place two Orange Jimmy’s/Sprinkles in the Chocolate for the Feet. Allow the Orange Chocolate to set/harden, about 30 minutes. 

Serve, and Enjoy!

NOTE:  Follow the Links for the Chocolate Food Coloring – this food coloring is made especially for Chocolate, and it will not cause the Chocolate to become gummy when added, like regular food coloring does.  Follow the link for Candy Eyes.  ALSO:  You can use any type of White Chocolate to melt for the Cookies; White Chocolate Almond Bark is what I would recommend, but you can use White Chocolate Chips, or Bakers brand White Chocolate Bars for Melting. 

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