Air Fryer Wontons Orange Chicken

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Air Fryer Wontons Orange Chicken

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These Air Fryer Wontons Orange Chicken are so good, and they’re really easy to make. These are so much better than frozen wontons, and you can make these for dinner, or delicious appetizers ahead of time. They’re really quick in the Air Fryer, and there’s no mess from deep frying, so no excess oil to clean up. There are a lot of air fryer recipes for different flavors of wontons, depending on your favorite filling ingredients. You can make recipes that taste like Kung Pao Chicken, crispy cream cheese wontons, air fryer Pork Wontons, or pork-stuffed wontons, or buffalo chicken wontons. The possibilities are endless. You can even use different kinds of cheeses, like blue cheese, or cream cheese, or crab rangoon, with a blend of cheeses, and make them all taste the way you want to, with your favorite dipping sauce served on the side. You don’t even have to go to the Asian market to purchase the ingredients, you can buy everything you need at your local grocery store, in the International Foods section. You can literally make these taste like they came from one of your favorite Chinese restaurants. You can add a tasty Cream Cheese mixture, by adding a little pulled/shredded Rotisserie Chicken, some green onions, and hot sauce, or buffalo sauce, or even a Thai sweet Chili sauce, and make your wontons taste like you want them, lots of different ways. You can also serve these on the side with hot and sour soup, or egg drop soup. You can combine ground pork with some sweet and sour sauce, and onions, green peppers, and shredded carrots, and cook that in a skillet, then combine that with cream cheese, or blue cheese, and fill the center of the wrapper with the pork and cream cheese filling, and have a delicious easy snack. Just make sure you cook the Ground Pork done in the skillet before filling your wrappers.


You could even make a delicious dip out of cream cheese, and mix in your other favorite ingredients, for a real treat. (like, green onions, chopped Rotisserie Chicken, cooked ground pork, shredded Carrots, red or green peppers, buffalo sauce, soy sauce, Sweet Asian chili sauce, sweet n sour sauce, or home made Orange Sauce (recipe below)). You can just cut the wrapper in two, and fry them in the air fryer, until they’re light golden brown, and use them as fried wonton chips, for a wonderful dip ahead of dinner, or for a great snack. You’d just spray your air fryer basket, and place the wrappers inside, and air fry them until done. You can even brush them with a little Butter when they’re done for a wonderful flavor. So, no matter how you decide to make and serve these, everyone is going to love this recipe. Enjoy!

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  • 18 Wonton Wrappers
  • 2 cups of pulled Rotisserie Chicken
  • 3 Green Onions – Chopped
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Garlic Salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Seasoned Salt
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • Seasoned Pepper – sprinkled to taste
  • Sesame Seeds – to sprinkle on top
  • Vegetable Oil Cooking Spray
  • 1 large ripe Orange – sliced
  • 1/2 cup of Orange Juice
  • 1/3 cup Brown Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of Minced Garlic
  • 1/3 cup of Soy Sauce
  • 1/4 cup of Water
  • 1 heaping Tablespoon of Cornstarch


First, make the Orange Sauce: Place a heavy bottomed Sauce Pan on the stove, and add the Orange Juice (from a carton, or bottle) Brown Sugar, and Soy Sauce. Bring to a Boil, and turn the heat to low. Add the Minced Garlic, and stir. Wash and Slice the Orange, and add to the Pan (TIP: Slice the Orange on a large Paper Plate, or a piece of Parchment Paper so you can catch the Juice) add to the pan. Stir, and cook/simmer for 5 minutes. Mix the Cornstarch with the Water, and stir well to completely mix, or blend the Cornstarch, so it’s smooth, and no lumps remain. Turn the heat up to medium high, and add the Cornstarch/water to the pan. When the Sauce boils, and starts to turn clear, and not cloudy, turn the heat to low, and stir for about 1 minute. Remove the Sauce from the Heat, and set aside. 

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Pull apart the Rotisserie Chicken, until you have shredded chicken. Clean and chop 2 of the Green Onions, and mix the Green Onions with the Chopped Chicken. Place a large piece of Parchment paper on the counter, and lay the Wonton Wrappers on the Parchment paper. Dip the edges of the Wonton Wrappers in the Sauce. Fill the Center of each Wonton Wrapper with about a teaspoonful of the Chicken mixture. Pinch the ends together, pulling up opposite corner ends and pinching them together in the center, and all four corners are pulled up into a point. 

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Spray the Air Fryer basket with Vegetable Oil Cooking Spray, and place the Wonton’s in a single layer in the Air Fryer, and Air Fry for 8 minutes at 350 degrees, checking the Wonton’s half way through cooking, or at about 4 minutes. While the Wonton’s are cooking, Clean and Chop the Green Onion.

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When Wonton’s are golden brown, remove from the Air Fryer to a serving plate. Sprinkle with the Sesame Seeds, and Chopped Green Onion. Place the Sauce in a serving bowl, serve, and Enjoy!

Makes 18 Wonton’s

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