How to make a viral video on tiktok

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How to make a viral video on tiktok

Are you hoping to post a video on tiktok that will have a good chance of viral success? Let us show you how to make a viral video on tiktok, one of the most popular social media platforms to post viral videos. One of the most popular types of new video content that tiktok creators can make is in the food niche. Being that Tiktok is the most fast-paced social media platform out there, you will find that recipe and trending food videos are a great way to gain a new target audience, attract more tiktok users, and have a better chance at creating popular videos that result in viral content, and how to bring you a wider audience, with great content.

 IMG_7301 How to make a viral video on tiktok

tiktok’s algorithm is set up so anyone can go viral, in fact, we went viral with our first tiktok pasta video we ever made! There are so many popular recipes out there, it’s fun to give one of them your own spin, and post it. And while it’s a great way to reach a larger audience, it’s all about that first step, and the right place for you. We are going to show you all the steps we took to get over 245,000 video views as well as tips so your own original video can go viral.

We decided to make a one dish Fettuccine Alfredo with a crumb topping, an easy one dish recipe that you place in the oven to cook the dry pasta in the sauce. We had seen some similar content where you cook the dry pasta in the pan in the oven in spaghetti sauce. Tiktok pasta had become one of the most popular viral trends, so we thought, why not try an easy alfredo sauce with pasta. We filmed the video overhead, used inshot to edit the clips, and I did a voice over explaining each step of the recipe. We never dreamed that our first video would turn out to be one of our most popular viral tiktok videos.

Like other content creators, we used all the best practices when uploading our video. We made sure we had good lighting, clean props, fresh ingredients, and we posted at the right time of day. One of the most important elements when posting on tiktok is using a descriptive title to describe your video, and we also made sure to use popular hashtags, relevant hashtags, and audio clips. We kept our video length at one minute and found that to be the easiest way to keep our audience’s attention, with new content. You have a much better chance of your user watching the entire video if it is short and to the point. This is a great example of a short video that kept people’s attention to the end, and we were able to get full watch time on this video and the views kept rolling in.

The good news is, there is room for everyone to have multiple viral videos on tiktok, they have 755 million monthly active users as of 2022, there is room for everyone’s creative expression to shine. So what are you waiting for? Become a new user, by setting up your account, then decide what type of content you’re comfortable with, whether it’s desserts, appetizers, or one dish wonders. You can create a content strategy, by making a list of the recipes you want to post, and following the steps above. So just gather some new ideas, and start posting. Happy posting!

Check out the full video and recipe for easy one dish fettuccini. Over 245,000 views!

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