Gum drops jello shots

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Gum drops jello shots

These Gum Drop Jello Shots are so much fun to make, and they’re really good!  They’d be great for a Holiday Party, or a Christmas gathering.  They’re sweet with a little kick, and everyone is sure to love these.  You can make them ahead, and just add the Gum Drops on top before passing them around, or popping them on a Buffet Table.  Better keep this one in your favorites!

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In a Medium bowl, add the 1 1/2 cups of Water,  and open the three small envelopes of Gelatin (I used Knox Gelatin) and sprinkle them over the bowl of Water, and let them sit for 5 minutes, to bloom, or absorb into the liquid.  Bring the 1/2 cup of Water to a boil, and after the Gelatin has been standing for 5 minutes, add the boiled Water to the bowl of Gelatin, and stir to completely dissolve the Gelatin.  Let cool to room temperature. 

When cooled, add the Vodka, and stir well.  Place the Shot Glasses on a Cookie Sheet that will fit in your refrigerator.  Ladle the Gelatin into the shot glasses, filling the glasses.  Place 3 Gum drops, the same color in each shot glass, and place the shots  in the refrigerator to set completely,  overnight for best results.  When ready to serve, remove the shot’s from the refrigerator, and top with an array of different colored Gum Drops.  Serve and Enjoy!   (Make sure to leave shots in the refrigerator until time to serve).
Makes 12 – 14 Shots

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