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This LASAGNA SOUP is absolutely delicious and so easy.  It goes together quickly, and everyone will love it’s hearty taste.  This is might be my favorite way to enjoy Lasagna.  It’s a great dish to serve on a chilly night, or while you’re watching the game.  Add some garlic bread or crackers, and you’re all set. 

1 pound of Jimmy Dean Maple sausage

1 large sweet onion – chopped

1 Tablespoon of butter
1 Tablespoon of minced garlic

1 large can (28 ounce) of Stewed Tomatoes

1 regular can (14 -15 ounces of Stewed Tomatoes
1 can of tomato paste (6 ounce)

4 Chicken bullion cubes

1/2 – 3/4 gallon of filtered water

1 Tablespoon of garlic salt

1 teaspoon of seasoned salt

1/2 teaspoon of seasoned pepper

1 Tablespoon of Italian seasoning

1 Tablespoon of ground Oregano

1 Tablespoon of sweet basil

2 heaping Tablespoons of Brown Sugar

10 – 12 Lasagna noodles

In a heavy bottomed soup pot, cook the sausage until it’s dark golden brown and no pink is left (about 30 minutes).  Remove the sausage from the soup pot, and place on paper towels to drain the fat.  Press with additional paper towels, to remove all fat; repeat this step with fresh paper towels, until all the fat is gone from the sausage.  Use paper towels to remove the fat from the bottom of the soup pot.  Add 1 Tablespoon of butter to the soup pot, and add the onion.  Cook the onion until it’s caramelized, or golden brown. With the heat on medium low, add the cooked sausage to the onion, and add the minced garlic, both cans of stewed tomatoes, tomato paste, bullion cubes, garlic salt, seasoned salt, seasoned pepper, Italian seasoning, ground oregano, sweet basil, and brown sugar.  Stir all ingredients until mixed well, and add the water to the soup pot.  Turn the heat up to high, and bring the soup to a boil.  If you need to add more water, that’s fine; I used almost a whole gallon.  When the soup boils, turn the heat to medium and continue to boil for a couple of minutes.  Turn the heat to low, and simmer the soup for about an hour, stirring occasionally.  Stir the soup well, and place a little soup in a small dish to taste.  This is where you may need to add a little more salt, or seasonings per your taste. If you’re adding additional seasonings, let the soup cook for about 15 minutes after adding to the soup; if you’re not adding more seasonings, go ahead and add the Lasagna noodles.  Break up the noodles into pieces, one noodle at a time, and drop into the soup.  I let the noodles cook in the soup for about 20 minutes on low.  The noodles will thicken the soup, so you might want to add a little more water; I’d start with about 1 cup, and add small amounts until desired consistency is reached.  After the noodles have cooked, stir the soup, and serve the soup in large deep bowls, topped with Parmesan cheese.  Enjoy!

NOTE:  You can add additional toppings if desired, such as sour cream, cream cheese, other shredded cheeses, parsley, or fresh basil.   You can also serve with crusty garlic bread, bread sticks, or crackers; whatever is your favorite.

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