Copycat Applebee’s oriental chicken salad

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 2G0A7212-683x1024 Copycat Applebee's oriental chicken salad

Copycat Applebee’s oriental chicken salad
This copycat Oriental Chicken Salad is so delicious, you’ll think Applebee’s delivered it to you!  It’s so simple to make, you can have it done really quickly, and have a great healthy meal that everyone will love.  The homemade dressing is a little sweet, the Salad is cool and crunchy and the Chicken just melts in your mouth.  Make sure to keep this one in your favorites.


2 pounds of Chicken Tenders

2 cups of Flour

1 Tablespoon of Baking Soda

Garlic Salt

Seasoned Pepper

1 Egg

1 Cup of Milk

2 heads of Romaine Lettuce

1/2 small head of Green Cabbage

1/2 small head of Purple Cabbage

2 Carrots – shredded

2 Green Onions – cleaned and sliced

1/2 cup of Sliced Almonds

1 cup of Chow Mein Noodles


1 cup of Miracle Whip – Mayonnaise

1/4 cup of Rice Wine Vinegar

2 Tablespoons of Oil

2 Tablespoons of Honey (plus a little more if you prefer the dressing sweeter)


In a medium bowl, add the Flour and Baking Soda, and stir well to blend.  In another bowl, add the Egg,and Milk, and whisk together until completely blended. 

 2G0A7152-683x1024 Copycat Applebee's oriental chicken salad

Turn on a Deep Fryer (I used the Fry Daddy – Grand-Daddy Deep Fryer) and heat the Oil, according to Deep Fryer directions.  Sprinkle the Chicken with Garlic Salt and Seasoned Pepper, and dredge Chicken in Flour, then dip in Egg mixture, and back in Flour.   When Oil is heated, drop Chicken a few strips at a time, and Fry for 10 to 12 minutes, or until Golden Brown, and completely cooked.   Repeat until all Chicken is fried.  Remove from Fryer, to paper towels to drain.

 2G0A7156-683x1024 Copycat Applebee's oriental chicken salad

Chop the Green Cabbage, the Purple Cabbage, and the Romaine Lettuce, and rinse/wash at least 2 times in a large bowl, and drain in a colander, or place in the Salad Spinner, and spin several times to drain water from Lettuce/Cabbage.  Peel the Carrots, and Shred on a grater.  Clean the Green Onions, and slice into thin slices. Place all chopped/sliced Vegetables in the Refrigerator. 

 2G0A7150-683x1024 Copycat Applebee's oriental chicken salad

In a cruet, or dressing bottle, add the Miracle Whip, Rice Wine Vinegar, Oil, and Honey, and shake well to blend.  Place in the Refrigerator, When ready to serve the Salads, place the Fried Chicken on a cutting board, and slice into bite size pieces.  In a large Salad bowl, place the Lettuce, Green Cabbage, and Purple Cabbage, Carrots, Sliced Almonds, and toss altogether to mix.  Drizzle the dressing over the Salad, and toss to blend.  Place Salad on dinner plates, and top with Chow Mein Noodles, Sliced Green Onions, and several slices of Fried Chicken.  Serve, and Enjoy!

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