My Family Dinner Ideas 2G0A4333-673x1024 MONSTER EYE OREO'S

Talk about a fantastic Cookie!  These little Cookies seem to have a personality all their own when they’re decorated.  They would be great for a Halloween party, or anytime you want a little Monster on your table! They’re so easy to make, and they’re really good.  These are sure to be a new favorite, and kids of all ages will love to make and decorate them!  Keep this one in your favorites!


1 package of Original Oreo’s

1 package of White Chocolate Almond Bark

1 package of Wilton candy Monster Eyes 

Assorted Sprinkles
Green, Orange, Purple, Food Coloring Gel

Cookie Molds 

Place the White Chocolate Almond Bark in a bowl, and Microwave until completely melted.  Divide evenly into Three bowls.  Color one bowl Orange, one bowl Green, and one bowl Purple. 

My Family Dinner Ideas 2G0A7195-674x1024 MONSTER EYE OREO'S

Fill the molds half full of the Chocolate, and press an Oreo into the Colored Chocolate, and then fill the Mold with more Chocolate, covering the Oreo. 

My Family Dinner Ideas 2G0A7198-668x1024 MONSTER EYE OREO'S

Place the Mold in the refrigerator until the chocolate is completely set, about an hour.  Remove the Mold from the refrigerator, and pop the Cookies out of the mold.  Spread a small amount of the same color melted chocolate on the top of the cookie, and cover the chocolate in the Sprinkles of choice.

My Family Dinner Ideas 2G0A7200-706x1024 MONSTER EYE OREO'S

(See photo).   Dip the end of a small spoon in the melted chocolate, and place the chocolate on the back of the eyes, and stick the eyes to the Cookie; use as many or as little eyes as you choose on the Cookies.  Allow about an hour for the Sprinkles and Eyes to set.  Serve, and Enjoy!
Makes 12 Cookies

NOTE:  You may have to place the Chocolate back in the microwave while making or decorating the Cookies.  Just melt it at about 15 second intervals, stirring between times, until melted. 

My Family Dinner Ideas 2G0A4334-676x1024 MONSTER EYE OREO'S

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