Limoncello margarita

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If you’re a lemon lover this is definitely the Margarita for you!  This Limoncello Margarita is so good, and it’s so easy to make. You can have this ready in no time, and enjoy sipping it while you read your favorite book, or magazine. Or, make several, and share it with your family or friends.

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This would be great to serve at a Party, or for a Birthday get together, or anytime your in the mood for a delicious lemon treat.  No matter when you decide to serve this wonderful Limoncello Margarita, its sure to become a favorite. Make sure you keep this one handy!

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If you’re unfamiliar with Limoncello, its a wonderful Lemon Liqueur, made in Southern Italy, close to the Amalfi Coast.  It’s about the most popular liqueur in Italy, and is typically served chilled, which makes it a perfect addition to add to a Margarita for a fabulous lemon flavor.  It comes in many different brands, but it’s basically the same ingredients, so you can choose the brand you prefer.  We used  Il Tramonto, made in Italy.

 2G0A3758-691x1024 Limoncello margarita

Best paired foods with a limoncello margarita

You can serve this limoncello Margarita with many different foods. It would go great with mixed greens Salads, loaded with fresh chopped vegetables, and a sweet creamy Italian Dressing to toss.

Grilled Chicken, or baked chicken, and oven roasted vegetables, or Pasta in your favorite sauce, with garlic buttered crusty breads. Pesto sauce, or Antipasti, along with Charcuterie boards full of cheeses, Italian Sausages, Salami, or Italian deli meats would pair well. 

An assortment of Italian Olives, or Caprese Salad, or Tomato Salads with onions and Cucumbers would really compliment the flavors in this delicious drink.

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Ingredients you’ll need

To get started making this recipe, you’ll first want to gather all your ingredients first.

Ingredients for Limoncello margarita

  • Limoncello
  • Tequila
  • Ice
  • Margarita Mix
  • Lime juice
  • Margarita Salt
  • Lime wedges – to Rim the Glasses
  • Fresh Lemons
  • Sugar

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Cut the Fresh Limes in wedges, and run the cut portion of the Lime around the rim/edge of the Glass. Dip the Glass in the Margarita Salt, lightly coating the rim of the Glass in the Salt.  Place the Glass or Glasses in the Refrigerator, or Freezer to cool/chill.  Slice a Lemon, and and cut the slices on one side to the center, so they’ll fit over the rim of the glass. Place Sugar on a small plate.   Dip the Lemon Slices in Sugar, and lay on Parchment paper. When all slices have been sugared, place in freezer, or place on glass in freezer.

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Step 2: In a Mixed Drink Shaker, place the Tequila, Margarita Mix, Limoncello and Lime Juice, and shake until well blended. 

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Step 3: Remove the Glasses from the Refrigerator/Freezer, and fill each glass with Ice.  Pour the mixed Margarita over the Ice in the glass, garnish with a slice of fresh Lemon, serve, and Enjoy!

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This is so easy, and so delicious.  Now you can make this wonderful lemony drink, and enjoy it whenever you choose. 

Makes 2 Margarita’s

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