Coffee jellies

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 2G0A6365-683x1024 Coffee jellies

Coffee jellies

These Coffee Jellies are so good, and they’re such a unique way to serve a delicious drink, everyone will love coffee and dessert!  They’re so simple to make, and you make them ahead of time, keep them in the refrigerator and they’re ready when you need them.  These are sure to be a hit, so make sure you keep this recipe in your favorites.


1 Package of Unflavored Gelatin (Knox Gelatin)

3 cups of warm water

3 Tablespoons of Instant Coffee

3/4 cup of Sugar

1 teaspoon of Torani White Chocolate Syrup


 2G0A6050-670x1024 Coffee jellies

In a small dish, add the warm water, and sprinkle the Gelatin over the water, and stir well, until Gelatin is dissolved.   Allow to sit for about 20 minutes, until the Gelatin absorbs all the water – this is called ‘blooming’ the Gelatin.   After the 20 minutes, add the Sugar, and Instant Coffee powder, and stir until dissolved. 

 2G0A6051-683x1024 Coffee jellies

Pour the Gelatin – Coffee mixture into a 9 X 11 dish, and place in the refrigerator until the Gelatin is set.  Once the Gelatin is set, or firm to the touch (like Jello) Cut the Gelatin into small cubes, using a butter knife. 

 2G0A6323-683x1024 Coffee jellies

Fill an 8 ounce glass half full of the Coffee Jellies cubes,  and pour Warm Milk over the top.  Add the White Chocolate Syrup, stir until dissolved, Serve, and Enjoy!

Makes approximately 10 drinks

Total time 3 hours

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