Air Fryer Popcorn

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Air Fryer Popcorn

Talk about an inexpensive way to make a great snack, and, all you have to do is get out your Power xl Air Fryer, some Avocado Oil, or Coconut Oil, and a few other ingredients and you’ll be enjoying your small batch of Pop Corn in no time. You make this Air Fryer Popcorn in small batches, or amounts, and in 15 minutes or less, you’ll have a great healthy snack, with a simple recipe that you can top in so many different ways, depending on your favorites!

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If you love Popcorn, you’ll love this homemade popcorn, using your Air Fryer Basket and a little aluminum foil, and it’s all done with less oil, and in less time than traditional popcorn. This is so much better than Microwave popcorn, or the hot air popper, that left the popcorn dry and tasteless, and in so many healthy ways, this is a great alternative. This really is the best option for easy popped popcorn. You also use less oil, and healthier oil in this Air Fryer Popcorn.

This is so easy, it blows away the more traditional method of popping corn, like the old Air popper, or on the stove in a skillet. It really does give you the best results, and you can make this so quickly, for a perfect snack for date nights, or movie nights, and the whole family will enjoy this easy, and tasty snack.

There are so many choices for popcorn toppings for the Air Fryer Recipes, but just a few include melted butter, peanut butter, a little sugar to give the taste of kettle corn, or your favorite seasoning like Garlic Salt, or Seasoned Salt, or Parmesan Cheese.

The cooking time for the Air Fryer Popcorn recipe is about 15 minutes, but you should begin to hear the unpopped kernels begin to pop in about 5 minutes, and when you air fry popcorn for the first time, you won’t want to make this any other way. You have very little mess with this method, and you’ll get better results with this popped corn. You also have less chances of the popcorn burning in the pan, or skillet, or even in the Microwave. We’ve all had that happen, and then you have to throw away the whole bag, Plus, the Oils and chemicals used in the Microwave popcorn are very unhealthy, and can cause serious health problems. So by using the Air Fryer, you can make perfect popcorn, and everyone will love this tasty treat.

You can serve this in a small bowl, or wrapped in a piece of Parchment Paper, or you can but the small paper containers, and serve it like movie theater popcorn, with a little salt, and melted butter. But no matter how you decide to serve it, this is a great way to give your family their favorite snacks with a healthy cooking method, and ingredients.

If you have leftovers, you can store the popcorn in an airtight container, at room temperature for up to 3 days. I hope you enjoy this new and wonderful way to make an old favorite!

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1/4 cup of Popcorn – White or Yellow

1/4 cup of Coconut, or Avocado Oil

Salt – to sprinkle on after popping

Melted Butter, to drizzle on after popping

Other favorite seasonings or flavors


First, line the Air Fryer Basket with aluminum foil, and secure the foil under the edges of the basket, so that the foil is not pulled up during cooking. In a small bowl, add the oil, and the popcorn kernels, and stir well to coat the kernels in the oil. Place the Popcorn in a single layer on the foil in the Air Fryer Basket. Set the temperature at 400 degrees, and turn the time to 15 minutes. At about 5 minutes you should hear the Popcorn begin to pop. When the popping stops, turn off the Air Fryer, and remove the popcorn to a bowl, or paper. Top with salt, melted butter, or your favorite seasonings, or topping. Serve, and Enjoy!

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