Tiktok recipes

If you spend any time on social media you have most likely seen a lot of these Tiktok recipes on your FYP. We love trying all the tiktok trends from various tiktok users and we have made at least 50 of the viral recipes that have foodies talking. From whipped coffee or dalgona coffee to pasta chips and tiktok pasta, we have a collection of some of the best tiktok recipes around!

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Tiktok dinner recipes

These viral dinner ideas are some of the most popular recipes on the internet. Baked feta pasta is a one dish pasta that can be ready in under an hour and is one of the more healthy recipes. Main ingredients are a block of feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, and pasta, to make up an easy weeknight meal. Let’s not forget about a couple other viral food trends for dinner, like Tiktok ramen and salmon rice bowl.

Tiktok drinks

One of the most viral tiktok recipes around is whipped coffee, but the trend didn’t stop there. From a personal favorite, whipped lemonade, to all the viral starbucks drinks that show up on my FYP daily, so many yummy flavor combos you must try.

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Tiktok tasty breakfast

If you love breakfast or are looking for a viral brunch recipe, tiktok has you covered with all the quick and easy breakfast trends to make each morning. From avocado toast, to cloud bread, and the viral sensation that is know as custard toast, we have them all, including pesto eggs. Pancake cereal was an absolute overnight sensation and one of the most popular tiktok recipes in the breakfast category.

Tiktok dessert

One of my most favorite categories is dessert and tiktok did not disappoint in creating viral trends when it came to dessert. Beginning with hot chocolate bombs in 2020 and then pouring heavy cream over cinnamon rolls and letting them rise, was one of the best dessert hacks I learned in a long time, they taste just like cinnabon.

Tiktok air fryer recipes

Tiktok air fryer green beans became a tiktok trend that we love to make on a weekly basis. With a few simple ingredients like soy sauce, parmesan cheese, green beans, garlic, and red pepper flakes, this viral recipe is a must try.

Tiktok salads

We love salad and I have personally learned how to make the green goddess salad and the lemon parmesan cheese salad and they both are amazing and super easy tiktok recipes that are loaded with so much flavor.

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Tiktok side dishes

As far as sides go on tiktok, mac n cheese leads the way, with so many different ingredients you can add to mac n cheese it’s no wonder this side dish is one of the best on the app.

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Tiktok appetizers

From booty dip to cowboy caviar one of the best things about this social media platform is the variety of appetizers that I have come to make and love. Best part is they are easy and absolutely delicious.