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This is a wonderful, quick and easy way to make great comfort food that tastes like you spent hours, when it’s done in minutes!   If you’re in a hurry, this is a delicious way to give your family a great meal, without fast food.  If you’ve had a busy day, this recipe will be your go to, for dinner.  Make sure you put this one in your favorites.
HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED:2 fresh chicken breasts1 Tablespoon of Lipton Onion soup mix – dry mix
1 cup of water1 chicken bullion cubeGarlic salt – to tasteSeasoned pepper – to taste2 boxes of Stove Top Stuffing – chicken flavor3 cups of water2 Tablespoons of butter
In the Instant Pot, add the 1 cup of water, and the chicken bullion cube to the bottom of the pot.  Place the Trivet in the bottom of the Pot, and place the fresh chicken breasts on the Trivet.  Sprinkle the chicken breasts with the garlic salt, and Seasoned pepper, and then sprinkle the Tablespoon of Lipton onion soup mix over the chicken breasts.  Place the lid on the Instant Pot until it locks and beeps.  Make sure the PRESSURE VALVE IS SET TO ‘SEALING’.  Press the MANUAL button, and set the time for 10 minutes.  When the Instant is done, beeps and goes to OFF, let the IP naturally release the pressure for 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes, turn the PRESSURE VALVE to ‘VENTING’, and make sure all pressure is released.  Make sure the FLOAT VALVE is down, and open the lid to the Instant Pot.  Remove the chicken to a plate, and with a knife, cut the thickest part of the chicken breast, making sure it is all white, and completely cooked through.

*If the chicken breasts are about an inch thick 10 minutes should be fine – if the chicken breasts are more than an inch thick, cook for 15 minutes, and follow the same pressure release method for the Instant Pot. 

Remove the Trivet from the bottom of the Instant Pot, using tongs and an oven mitt. Shred the chicken on the plate, and add back to the Instant Pot.  Add the stuffing mixes, and flavor packets, on top of the chicken, and add the 3 cups of water and butter on top of the stuffing. Sprinkle about 1 teaspoon of the onion soup mix on top of the stuffing.   Place the lid on the Instant Pot, press the Manual button, set the time for 8 minutes.  MAKE SURE THE PRESSURE VALVE IS SET TO “SEALING”.   When the Instant Pot is done cooking, beeps and goes to OFF, do a quick release by carefully, and with a pot holder, turning the pressure valve from sealing to venting.  Make sure all the pressure has been released, and the FLOAT VALVE is down, and then remove the lid from the Instant Pot.  Fluff the shredded chicken and stuffing with a large meat fork.  Place on a platter, serve, and enjoy!

Makes approximately 6 servings

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